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A marriage is perhaps the most important social occasion for any family as
for the individual. Marriages reflect all the regional colors overlaying the
basic religious rites. Literally 'taking the girl away in a special way or for a
special purpose' marriage is a focal point for a family gathering as people
often travel long distances to participate.

A Hindu marriage follows the rituals that started in the Vedic times. First a
muhurat is chosen, this is an auspicious time of the year. The wedding is
usually conducted at the bride’s home. Entire families gather and the
evening is spent singing, dancing and eating, building up to the formal
ceremonies, which begin a day before the wedding. This is where the palm
and feet of the bride are decorated with henna, in the mehendi ceremony.

A canopy or mandapa decorated with flowers is erected at the place the
wedding ceremony will take place. On the wedding day the bride and groom
are anointed with turmeric in their respective homes. The bride looks
resplendent in all her finery.

The following description of a typical Indian bride has been given in the
great Indian classic,
The Ramayana -

"She is arrayed for her wedding in gossamer fine, red garment, which
is embroidered with gold, and jeweled butterflies and other ornaments
adorn her lustrous black hair. She is wearing precious gems in her
ears, and her arms and wrists are covered with bracelets, while a
golden band encircles her slender waist and anklets of gold shine on
her feet."
 To the present day Indian brides all over the world also dress
almost the same way.

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